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ওরা ১১ জন
Ora Egaro Jon

3rd Edition


Meet the Artists

Meet Bangladesh's most sought- after artists as each of them showcase this year's finest painting collections, all under one roof.


Dinar Sultana Putul

Habiba Nowrose

Suborna Morsheada

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Afroza Hossain Sara

Shireen Jawad

Nabila Nowrin

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Promiti Hossain

Niharika Momtaz

Nasima Haque Mitu

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Asma Akber

Lala Rukh Selim

Fareha Zeba


Meet The Artist |  Dinar Sultana Putul

Dinar Sultana is a freelance artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Has completed M.V.A in Painting at M.S.U, Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda.


She focuses on the impermanence of nature, the concept of things being transitory. Existing briefly towards a transition. In her work, she explores the static the transitory stages of natural elements found in nature like cotton pulp, human hair, snake-skin, flower, bark, seed, leaf, sometimes stone and clay….discarded materials and inspects them with a scientific experimental attitude to comprehend and relate to their process and materiality. She incorporates the found ingredients adapting them into various mediums to create multi-dimensional visuals. In her new series, she initiated ideas and thoughts from the Book "Grunch of Giants" by the polymath futurist Fuller. Where she used the cosmological philosophy, space, planets and stars, and iconic ideas of “Dymaxion World Map” and “Spaceship Earth” as her creative references. She is also linking her visual-making aesthetics with socio-political issues. Craft heritage and role of labor making art, scenarios that also heighten sensitivity towards nature and natural elements. She also fancies the utopian egalitarian equality concept.   


She is a painter who assimilates the mediums into a play where she initiates the act, as the material itself, evolves within the surface creating a living painting. She creates her palette, induces the ingredients from nature, and integrates them with thought, ideas, references, and imagination. She explores the essential of the natural material
corresponding to its characters as it dictates the mapping of the work. 


She is a naturalist artist, who fuses with nature creating an appreciation of nature and fabrication of instinct.

Dinar Sultana Putul

Meet The Artist | Habiba Nowrose

Habiba Nowrose is a freelance Artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Completed her graduation in Women & Gender Studies from the University of Dhaka. She studied Photography at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute. She is currently teaching Visual Anthropology at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute.


Her work focuses on gender aesthetics, Gender identity, women’s rights issues, mythology, and depiction of it in various contemplation within the realm of society. 


The conflict between self, identity, and the fabricated. She reflects, the intricate relationship of a woman, with her internal world, the searching self and the norms of conditioned society. She uses ethnographic inquiries with mythic interpretations. Also expresses thoughts regarding sensory indulgences, taboos, and the social mask of the artificial. 


Habiba renders her thoughts and motifs through photography. Where she incorporates a fusion of mediums like created crafts, and assemblages relating fabricated amalgamations of materials and objects, portraying them as 3-dimensional appearances. 

As a cross-media socio -symbolist she creates a staged sculptural scenario with Figures, designs, materials, and pattern tempos to render her ideas and motifs to enhance the journey of her psyche into a parallel link between illusion and reality. She initiates the kitschy effect of taste, excessive garishness of design portraying superficiality and the rigid.

Suborna Morsheada

Meet The Artist | Suborna Morsheada

Suborna Morsheada is a freelance artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is also a Brand, Communication, and Corporate Affairs Officer at THE CITY BANK LTD. Has been involved as an art teacher in different schools.


Her work concepts delve into human life, existence, and the accumulated stories of life, love, and living. She discerns herself within the intense velocity of her thought sensation and expression, stimulated by complex frontiers of reality, and imagination blended with her inner self. She explores all this on the matrix of her print plates of sensitivity and paradoxes.         
Her work medium is printmaking associating various printmaking techniques including Woodcut, lithography, etching, cyanotype, serigraph, drawing, and painting. She is also into art management and curating.


She is an expressionist with zests for symbolic abstraction. Her fascination to create various surface temperaments. Exploring with the fusion of material, and mediums anticipating her moods of expression.

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Meet The Artist | Afroza Hossain Sara

Afroza Hossain Sara is a free-lance conceptual animator, motivated by Studio Ghibli films. From where she took her drawing and painting skills to animation film. Been running an animation team as a co-founder and partner of Team Platform Ltd. She completed her BFA from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka.

She focuses on climate change, psychological issues, and various social situations which relate to women’s rights, abuse, and oppression. Where she highlights her response and realization of the storytelling act with visuals, movement, and sound. 

In her animation mindscape, she initiates the script by exploring and finding a way to express her introspective journey to the self. Where she initiates her demons and confusion. After completing her fine art studies and relating to the reality of restless ambition, complementing her passion and persuasion of art, inspired her to create the piece mindscape.

Where the spiders are like the autonomy of intrusive thoughts possessing her within the metaphoric mindscape. She formed a symbol of trees and sun in the mist shadowy melancholic space as life and sources. Where within the realm of uncontrolled invasions there is the possibility that reigns and elevates.      

Her style is based on hand-drawn visuals frames, where she renders linear 2d facets, manipulates painterly effects with photographic and other incorporated mediums into a movement of layers, Depending on the demand for her expressions.

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Meet The Artist | Shireen Jawad


Shireen Jawad is Bangladeshi singer based in London. Known for her deep healing radiating voice with sensuous echoes innocence and Flamboyancy. Singer of famous song ‘ panjabi wala’ which has 15million views.
Sound is an aural sensation of listening , pertaining to hearing and making sound to articulate the exaltation of spirit that breaks out from our physical body to relate to the universe as vibrations of longing, desire to somewhere never known, and fills up the empty void, we feel inside. Entrapped energies of absorbing, the consumed self with millions of bits emotive movements, the seduction of bliss with touch affection, and the balcony of eternal glimpsing with memories of shelter …..One adores and makes sound into chemistry beyond self into a holistic union …..This is the voice of shireen Jawad. 

A woman ventured into deep healing of insight, and aspiration through intense affection for being alive. This instinct to absorb herself into abysmal listening transmuted self, and limitations into the salvation of boundlessness. In her early days sound of great musicians and music adored by her parents gave her attainment to her curiosity and rhythm to realize her inner impulses, restless desires, and longings. Where her innate ability to saturate her surroundings, and natural flow for hearing fascination for characters and contents gave her a core niche for articulating sound with very personal emotional expressions. Ornamenting with her very own lingual frequencies of tones. Where she explored her tactile sensations empathy into voices of touch, velvety firm intricate scales sensuous echoes. She reverberates the lyrical aspect of a song to the extent of uttering creating her mystic self into an aura of childlike innocence and Flamboyancy.  


She sings from a low key radiating scales into tonal virtuosity of essence and structures and flatness with subtle deep hollow ambiances, of intertwined movement and space.

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Meet The Artist | Nabila Nowrin

Nabila Nowrin is a versatile entrepreneur, architect, and researcher who focuses on the objectivity of design in its holistic content. Various Environment  perspectives of creating surroundings that comply with a relationship between space, interaction, sociability, healing, and structure to align layered intentions of crafting spaces and production to enhance dualities of designs.  

She initiated new concepts and commodities by creating countries’ first co-working space, MOAR It is an arrangement where people from various companies share a singular office space. Generating a lively open space distribution scenario, design, and material to create human contact and interaction more viable and visibly enthusiastic, eco-friendly, and comfortable, workspace sharing is a blending of various temperaments with a soothing homegrown ambiance. Also BOHU, a furniture house is her production-based creation, where she initiates movable articles with sculptural resonance with values, attitudes, and interest in discerning living spaces more full filling and enquiring. She also lends her Experience in Design, Design Planning & Strategic Thinking skills through advisory roles and early investments in the startup of various sustainable ventures.

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Meet The Artist | Promiti Hossain

Promiti Hossain is a Bangladeshi practicing artist with a background of mixed nationalities and religious descent. She studied Painting at Kalabhavana, Fine-Arts Department, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan. She is presently participating artist 2022 Venice Biennale.

She is a diaspora artist whose work is a link between her personal and expressive symbols which contemplate inner observation and diverse social reflection to realize the entity of a woman as a movement in time and space. She is interested in exploring woman’s presence, struggle, acceptability searching, and self-identity, social idioms relating to self-probes creating a narrative of a relationship.

She uses fragments of visual references to denote a mapping-out line, her motifs of collective figures insects, leaves, and traditional patterns representing a compositional sphere flow of life. Where her characters are a diagram of thoughts moving in a circle around the world, a woman’s world, the inner and the peripheral.

Inspired by Mewar Rajasthani Miniature paintings, the rhythmic stream of characters, and lyrical contours aspired her. She accentuated the subtlety of lines with varied frequencies giving an essence, highlighting fragility, confusion sensitivity, and error a woman makes as an innate expression of spontaneity. Miniature patterns drawn in fine lines designs which are often seen on the edges of sarees, printed with wooden blocks as an image tradition of this region, elaborates cultural identity in her paintings. Transparency water washes with broken lines and characters set on the surface as flat symbols, creating appearances of a globe as a surface of circulating thoughts with queries.

A symbolic initiator with narrative storytelling intent, expressing relationship, self-inquiries, and wholesomeness.

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Meet The Curator | Niharika Momtaz

A passion for multifaceted tasking an aesthetic inclination to perceive the paradigms of social awareness, culture, the arts, and fascination to blend unique findings of human connection and creative seeking to approach and mediate various creative impulses. To elaborate and discover the creative curiosity and collaborate artistic frontiers and social awareness steered Niharika Momtaz into this curating act of commuting and uniting….Art, artistry, and social causes into this act of curating. A combined mingle of initiating and incorporating.

She is interested in design took herself into the realms of fashion and wearable sculptural arts. Where she starts to explore her niche for perceiving things with detailed self-reflection and inquisitively. Giving more attention to her distinctive ways of approaching, creative urges. Also, this led her into various interests and linking to conspire herself into creating platforms of artist, creative processes, and concepts of interventions………………

Niharika Momtaz is the founder of Bangladesh Art Week and Heritage Bangladesh Foundation.

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Meet The Artist | Nasima Haque Mitu

Nasima Haque Mitu is a freelance sculptor and Assistant professor, Department of Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. She completed her M.F.A (Modelling & Sculpture), at Dhaka University.

She is an Anthophilous plant enthusiast, who correlates and creates a metaphoric association between humans and plants. Humans and plants both as being multicellular organism affinities are realized. Where the agronomical rendering of crops dense growth of vegetation, the germination of seed transforming, she initiates this processes with the human embryo relating to growth and human adolescence. The transfiguration of structure thought and psyche stimulates her sculptural insights. She also associates the repetitive patterns of plants to its diverse multiplicity of volume depth ….linking to 3-dimensional language. She also finds the agrarian households' utensils, tools usage, and presence, Physical appearances provocative and sensual to her senses. 

She creates her sculptures with metal, wood, stones, wood carvings, and other mediums. She is minimalist in sculptural temperament, combining realism and symbolic patterns to compliment her thoughts. 

Her germination sculptures in metal create visibility of fingers gripping each other giving an essence of dependence, togetherness then again Denseness in its puberty and growth striking out in curiosity. The sculptures titled crops and implements suggest a union of materials, reflecting each other in their usage and sensuality of shapes.

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Meet The Artist | Asma Akber

Asma Akber is a free-lance artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is an artist who creates inspiration, within herself through reflections from life and environment, various artists, and their work from historical, personal, and experiential sources.  Early age she realized a niche for interrelating her sensitivities and acknowledging them finding expression in art.

Her work focuses on empathy, absorption, reflection, and anticipation to heighten her sensations and rejoice them, transmuting the sources from the referential which stimulates her into the visual act of painting. Where the motifs derive from observation of nature and paintings from great masters. She explores, various temperaments of expression to find and create her ways of approaching. She delves into the minimal line as discerning structure, color to recollect her exuberance, vibrations of minuscule patterns creating landscapes of illusions and fancy. Rendering cityscapes with the essence of textured impasto paints, forming frequencies of lively absorption. At times the geometric movement in space of forms and color is an entity of its own. 

Asma Akber is a fusionist who aspired to expressive influences finding reforming her presence in art with a relation, creating a sense of inner labyrinth.

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Meet The Artist | Lala Rukh Selim

Lala Rukh Selim is a sculptor and Professor at the Department of Sculpture, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture) from the Department of Sculpture, the University of Dhaka, and her Master of Fine Art (Sculpture) from Kala-Bhavana, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan, India.

Her work concepts deal with Women her psyche, essence, inner workings, realization, and significance, to her external expression. Her various placement in society self-reflection, struggle recognition, and transitions relating to physical and visceral primeval intricate sensitivities. Woman’s domestic role and society, the paradoxes and confusions, searching for balance.  

She creates wood carving sculptures where she explores the female form, The traditional omnipresent boti , a long curved blade a knife-like cutting instrument as an everyday kitchen tool with its timeless multipurpose flexibility. Creating a link between traditional and modernity to express the women’s familiarities and obscurity. The various shapes of blades as metaphors, suggesting the hands of mother goddess Durga. Agricultural ingredients and spices relate to women’s involvement with farming and daily food preparation. The regular life of a woman at home and outside, the facets of various roles, the mundane insignificant act, give birth to the vast workings of the society. The red cloth its procreative inner changes and impacts on female mood and temperament, motherhood the resilience of being a woman, and so on. All these attributes of materials she uses to create a vocabulary of women and its inquiries to awareness.

Her drawings have a special entity for exploring the very personal association of thoughts. Where the existential… dissolving, limitation, an illusion of life, and non-existence are involved. Which was done during the pandemic time. It focuses on figures in gestures withering away to the surface of the earth, intangibility. 

Her work formulates an inversion, of a minimal symbolic sculptural installation. The artist makes wood curved sculptures correlating with suggestive incorporat

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-22 at 2.00.25 PM.jpeg

Meet The Artist | Fareha Zeba

Fareha Zeba is a free-lance artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Completed her MFA, from the Institute of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka. She is currently working as an Art Teacher in  Scholastica School, Uttara, and Dhaka. 

She is an artist who creates a retrospective journey within and initiates various female issues collaborating with her self-inquiries. She renders personal insight and intimate passions creating a holistic sync with society, nature, and the self. She scrutinizes her chosen motif into visual dissection as observations with various insights.
Her work titled Transformation deals with seeds. Where she as a passionate plant enthusiast metaphorically associates the motif seed as a unique design of nature, where the miracle of a singular seed becoming a plant, like a mother giving birth. The mystery of life, the shapes of the pattern relating to the mother’s womb, and the intricate design of the female reproductive organ. She associates the female psyche and elements from nature, creating a humanoid symbolic association incorporating various mediums to convey her creative expressions. She is also interested in ethical distribution, related to genetically modified and natural farming issues.

Fareha Zeba also worked on series isolation, during the time of the pandemic, where the paintings are portraits with a mask coming out from a dark background into the watery resonance of light. Explored the compositional makeup as an arrangement of flowers in the portrait from the early Mughal miniature paintings. Recently she is working on the theme of bird’s nest, where she creates a sculptural installation with our jute materials associating it with digital prints to convey nature, nurturance, growth, and restoration. 

Her working mediums are based on the concept, she is relating with. According to the necessity and demand of the expression. She uses mixed media association in graphic, painterly sculptural, and virtual interfaces. 

Her work explores a fusion of expressionistic symbolic temperament with figurative and objective content.

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